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Safe Shelter

So many of us take PROTECTION from the elements for granted. How ESSENTIAL is a safe place to sleep, and security for our belongings? 


These are basic needs that we rarely think about in the developed world, and yet for many villagers, inadequate and unsafe housing is simply normal. 


The implications are clearly unsettling and devastating, but together we can do something about it!


Let's work together to provide SAFE SHELTER and help the most vulnerable in need!



Sheet Metal Roofing


Today thatch is the most common roofing material in Malawian villages because it's very easily accessed and free. 


Unfortunately, these roofs are not weatherproof or watertight, and are extremely flammable, making it easy for them to catch on fire . Thatch roofs harbour pests and rodents, and also deteriorate quickly, requiring constant maintenance and replacement. 


We are committed to providing vulnerable families in Luhomero with SAFE HOUSING by replacing these thatched roofs with sheet metal roofs that are water tight, and durable.


This simple but important change improves the quality of life for many villagers giving them safe, SECURE housing, and improving their quality of LIFE.

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