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EDUCATION is one of the most IMPORTANT and effective ways we can  create independence and SELF SUSTAINABILITY for villagers. 


Education is a huge part of everything we do, and all of our projects require that we TEACH and EDUCATE.


Our team meets monthly with community committee members to asses, learn, and assist. It is during this time that issues can be resolved, and plans are made. 

Each of our project areas also involves trainings before and after implementation of the project.

Educating young women in sewing skills to start small businesses, and Health and Hygiene campaigns are run throughout the year.

TO DATE: We have installed 12 Boreholes

LR May 2017IMG_0759.jpg

Training & Development

Learning & growing together

Training and development is imperative to ensuring success of our projects. At village level, there are regular trainings before and after our projects are implemented. And our staff are regularly keeping up to date with government policies and requirements. 

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