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Luhomero, Malawi


Luhomero is a community of approximately 5000 people in northern Malawi. The community is spread over 30 square kilometres.


With less than 20 functioning water wells, many villagers walk long distances multiple times daily for a bucket of clean water. Others drink from contaminated sources and can suffer serious, even fatal, consequences. (Clean Water)


The people of Luhomero are farmers who depend on good weather for the meagre harvests that will feed their families. (Food Security)

Without any form of income, shelter is built by hand from the resources around them. Mud to make bricks and grass to make thatched roofing. (Safe Shelter)


Disease is an issue with improper health and hygiene teaching, with practices being passed on within households from one generation to the next. (Health & Hygiene)

Because of HIV/AIDS and economic instability, many households in Luhomero are led by women who have been widowed or abandoned. In other cases, orphaned children care for their siblings in child-led households. (Education)


The instability and poverty in Luhomero makes sustainable development a real challenge. Without partnership, infant mortality will remain unacceptably high, most children in Luhomero will not complete a basic education, and girls will be particularly disadvantaged. 


But there is hope! Community-led initiatives can improve access to Clean Water, Food Security, Safe Shelter, good Health & Hygiene, and Education. Simple business ideas can free families from complete dependence on vulnerable crops. A new generation of young people can be empowered to lead. 


Love a Village exists to cultivate hope one village at a time. We're starting with Luhomero. 

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